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Our Distinctive Services

Perswood’s strengths are not only in the precision machinery and tools or quality materials which it uses. One of the main reasons are also because of the highly skilled well trained workers who are passionate and detail oriented. Their immense depth and experience as craftsmen make them truly qualified for the job.

Perswood’s proven project management system and procedures quality control and checks such as pre-site mobilisation / check / recce / inspection. Coordination with main contractor planning site preparation also set them apart from any other timber professional.

From conventional flooring to exquisite and unique installations, we bring years of experience and specialist understanding in working with timber hardwoods. Regardless of the scale of your project, you get the highest level of dedication and attention to detail.
Have a problem or concerned with your existing timber hardwood or timber feature? We can help identify the root cause of difficult problems and recommend the best course of action to bring you effective solutions that will last well into the future.
For architects or interior designers who are looking for the next breakthrough in innovative design using natural timber flooring and features, our experience, high quality products and ability to provide expert advice will ensure that every detail of your design is realised.
Looking to achieve a specific finish or unique colour? Talk to us today and let our experienced staff help you to turn those ideas into reality. With our unparalleled and knowledge and expertise in the timber industry, no design idea is too challenging for us to bring to life.
“Very good installation with exceptional workmanship and professional administrative support.”
Mr. Adrian Phua